GTA San Andreas Mods, Cheats, Tips, Missions, Etc.

Below are the updated list of my collected GTA San Andreas Mods from my friend modder around the world. Choose the mod which for you is the best. Also if you need a guide for the completion of your GTA San Andreas Missions just see the list below, as soon as we have a new missions tutorial we will post it here right away.

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GTA San Andreas Game Mod, Missions, Tips Cheats

Modifications (Mods):

Player Mod

  1. Mario Bros. Yoshi Mod
  2. Transformer Mod
  3. Wild Dog from COD4 Player Mod
  4. Niko Bellic Player + Endorphin v4 Mod
  5. James Bond Mod
  6. Human Torch (Fantastic 4) Mod
  7. Mod CJ's New Tattoos
  8. Ironman V1.0 Beta
  9. Ghost Looses Ends and Snow
  10. Shadow Company (Head from MW2 and body from Ghost Recon)
  11. Call of Duty 4 Logo Vest
  12. Models from Modern Warfare 1
  13. New models from Modern Warfare 2
  14. Modern Warfare 2 Juggernaut

Vehicle Mod

  1. Neon Mod
  2. Motor Honda Supra X 135
  3. 2005 Ford GT Vehicle Mod
  4. 2005 Ferrari F430 Mod
  5. Stryker from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
  6. Hind from Call of Duty Black Ops V2
  7. UH-1D from Call of Duty Black Ops
  8. New Black Ops C-130 - Opened/ Close Turret
  9. Black Ops Jeep
  10. Lamborghini MurciƩlago LP670-4 SuperVeloce from Forza Motor 3
  11. UH-60 BlackHawk with interior and minigun from Modern Warfare 2
  12. MQ-1 Predator UAV from Modern Warfare
  13. BMW M5 Police Car
  14. All Humvee Textures
  15. Humvee Without Minigun from Modern warfare 2
  16. Truck from Modern Warfare 2

Weapon Mod

  1. M134 Minigun
  2. Medal of Honor 2010 Weapon Pack
  3. Models from Modern Warfare 1
  4. M4A1 SOPMOD mod from Modern Warfare 1
  5. New models from Modern Warfare 2
  6. SIG P210
  7. Modern Warfare 2 M4A1
  8. BF2 Stinger Mod
  9. Battlefield 2 C4 and Detonator
  10. M16A2 From Battlefield 2
  11. USMC Weapons from Battlefield 2
  12. MEC Weapon Pack from Battlefield 2

Script Mods

  1. Vehicle Spawner Mod
  2. CLEO 3

Misc Mods

  1. GTA IV Radar Style Mod
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  1. GTA San Andreas Missions: The beginning And mission 1- Big Smoke
  2. GTA San Andreas Game Mission 2 - Ryder
  3. GTA San Andreas Mission 3 - Tagging Up Turf
  4. GTA San Andreas Mission 4 - Cleaning the Hood
  5. GTA San Andreas Mission 5 - Drive-thru
  6. GTA San Andreas Mission 6 - Nines and AK's
  7. GTA San Andreas Mission 7 Drive-By
  8. GTA San Andreas Mission 8 Sweet's Girl
  9. More Missions here..
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