GTA San Andreas Full Cheat List Part 1

Grand Auto Thief San Andreas is one of the best pc game today many gamers are addicted to these game, In this kind of game missions are need to be followed for more fun and challenge,you need to accomplish one mission and proceed to another. but do you think that all these missions are easy? for sure NOT. but using this cheats it will helps you to accomplish your every mission. Remember that using cheats in a pc game is not illegal, nor it gives us more enjoyment. below are cheats of GTA that surely make you more enjoy while playing the game.
GTA San Andreas Full Cheat List

GTA Full Cheat List

LXGIWYL = pack a gun, Thug's Tools
KJKSZPJ = Pack of arms 2, Professional Tools
UZUMYMW = Pack of arms 3, Nutter Tools
HESOYAM = Health, Armor and $ 250 000
OSRBLHH = Increases the wanted level of 2 stars
ASNAEB = Clears the wanted level.
ICIKPYH = Heaven very clean.
ALNSFMZO = Cloudy weather
AUIFRVQS=Rainy weather
YSOHNUL = Time passes faster.
PPGWJHT = Any game moves faster
LIYOAAY = whole game slows down

AJLOJYQY = Pedestrians attack each other, all with golf clubs
BAGOWPG = Have a bounty on your head
FOOOXFT =Everyone armed
AIWPRTON = Materialize the Rhino
CQZIJMB = Materialize the Bloodring Banger
JQNTDMH = Materialize the Rancher
PDNEJOH = Materialize the Racecar
VPJTQWV = Materialize other Racecar
AQTBCODX = Materialize Romero

KRIJEBR = Materialize the Stretch
Realise the Trashmaster UBHYZHQ = (car garbage)
RZHSUEW = Materialize the Caddy (Stand golfer)
CPKTNWT = Explode All Cars
Car XICWMD = invisible
PGGOMOY Direction = perfect
SZCMAWO = Suicide
ZEIIVG = All green lights
YLTEICZ = Aggressive Drivers
LLQPFBN = All traffic is pink
IOWDLAC = All traffic is black
AFSNMSMW = Flying boats
BTCDBCB = Gordo.
JYSDSOD = Maximize muscles
KVGYZQK = Skinny
ASBHGRB = Everyone equal to Elvis
BGLUAWML = Pedestrians attack you with guns, rocket launchers
CIKGCGX = Everybody dressed in beachwear
MROEMZH = Everyone is a gang member
BIFBUZZ = The gangs control the streets
AFPHULTL = Ninja Theme
BEKKNQV = Attracting prostitutes
BGKGTJH = All traffic is made up of cheap cars
GUSNHDE = All traffic is composed of fast cars
RIPAZHA = Flying Cars
JHJOECW = Giant Leap BMX
JUMPJET = Delivering Hydra
KGGGDKP = Materialize the Vortex
JCNRUAD = Smash n 'Boom
COXEFGU = All cars have nitro
BSXSGGC = cars float when hit.
XJVSNAJ = Where is midnight
OFVIAC = 21:00 - orange sky.
MGHXYRM = Temporal
CWJXUOC = Sandstorm
LFGMHAL = Mega jump
BAGUVIX = Infinite Health
Oxygen CVWKXAM = Infinity
AIYPWZQP = You have a parachute
YECGAA = You have a Jetpack
AEZAKMI = You will never be sought
LJSPQK = level sought: 6
IAVENJQ = Mega Punch
AEDUWNV = Never feel hungry
IOJUFZN = disturbance of public order
PRIEBJ = Funhouse Theme
MUNASEF = Adrenaline Mode (all in slow motion)
WANRLTW = Infinite Ammo, without reloading the weapons
Mira OUIQDMW = total as you drive
Traffic THGLOJ = low.
FVTMNBZ = All traffic consists of vehicles from the field
SJMAHPE = Recruit anyone (9mm)
BMTPWHR = vehicles and pedestrians from the field, linen truck
ZSOXFSQ = Recruit anyone (rockets)
OGXSDAG = Maximum value of respect
EHIBXQS = Maximum value of Appeal Fri
VKYPQCF = Taxis have nitro, honk to jump.
NCSGDAG = Level Hitman (Killer) in all weapons.
VQIMAHA = Maximize all the skills of all vehicles.
OHDUDE = Materialize the Hunter
AKJJYGLC = Materialize the Quad
AMOMHRER = Materialize the Tanker Truck
EEGCYXT = Materialize the Dozer
URKQSRK = Materialize the Stunt Plane
AGBDLCID = Materialize Monster.